Our Process

  • Step 1: Consultation

    We visit your project and Listen carefully

    You fill out and submit the application, we contact you and schedule a meeting to visit the project, complete current building condition questionnaire and investigate the zoning by-law and permit requirements. We give you some advices about the project.

  • Step 2: Model

    We design some models and Render materials

    We provide you a conceptual 3-D Model based on what you had in your mind and our interior designers.
    You will confirm your desired model from proposed 3D models

  • Step 3: Quote

    A Quote including schedule and materials

    You register yourself in our website and select your desired materials based on your budget. We provide you the best quote based on your selected materials.

  • Agreement

    Fully Insured

    We sign a contract (or a letter of intent if the project concludes a permit condition) and attach our liability insurance upon request. A deposit is given to validate your decision to work with us. Then we begin working on the renovation project.

  • Step 1: Eng. Design

    Permit and detailed Drawings

    We provide all documents such as Architectural plan, Site plan, Floor plan, Section plan, Elevation plan, Mechanical plan, Plumbing plan based on Ontario building codes.
    We propose the documents to planning department of City/Town for permit, if needed.

  • Step 2: Material

    Material Selection and Customization

    You will buy the finished materials directly from our online store. You can select/change the ordered materials in your online basket
    and we will update the contract based on your customization. Then the finished materials and building materials will ship to the project.

  • Step 3: Construction

    Renovation completion and cleaning

    We start the construction based on project planning, scheduling, 3D model and engineering design documents.
    We bring tradespeople to your project. We manage the project carefully.