Shawn Kari, P.Eng.

Structural Engineer Professional
  • Provide best work of engineering design and drawings using experience, education and talents in a cost effective way;
  • Ensuring the design process recognizes current legislation, standards and codes of practice; and
  • Ensuring design information is of the right quality and keeps pace with project timescales;
  • Leading the design process using contractual, program/time awareness and technical expertise;
  • Supporting, understanding and advising the client as to the requirements and obligations in the development of a building design;
  • Structural design service for an Architect or Designer.
  • Site visit and report.
  • Building small and large additions and renovations to existing homes.
  • Basement Underpinning and Benching footing.
  • Add secondary unit dwelling units.
  • Load Bearing Wall removal
  • New Support Beams
  • Restoring and Fixing Structural Problems of all types in Houses and Small Buildings
  • Strengthening Existing Structures
  • Deck and Canop
  • Convert a conventional flat ceiling in to vaulted and cathedral.
  • Engineered Retaining Walls.
  • Temporary and Permanent shoring.

Other Services

  • Detail Design and shop drawings
  • Commercial warehouse design
  • Industrial structure design