AlinO 36-inch x 60-inch Linear Shower Kit with 30-inch Bright Clear Wall Drain



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Model # LKW-35-BCL30 Store SKU # 1001213315

AlinO.-Linear shower kit is ideal for curb less shower of large format tile, You can make almost any size of shower with pre-sloped AlinO.-Linear Shower Tray. Pre-sloped Linear Shower shower tray bonded with waterproof membrane for easy and faster installation. No need for heavy and time consuming mortar base. It is designed to accept 30″Alino Linear Drain on the channel body. Linear Shower tray can be easily cut by utility knife to make any size up to 36″x60″ Wall drain application. Linear drain made out of 304 stainless steel to protect against corrosion. “Two-in-one” (SS Grate & Tile Insert) grate provides modern look, and home owner can conver regular stainless steel grate to tile insert very easily or vis-a-vis. It comes with 2″ pipe outlet and odour protector.Height Adjustable feature can allow to install any tile thicknesses. It’s available in different finishes and sizes.AlinO Gard membrane and accessories help to create a water tight shower system.

  1. Two-in-One’ drain grate: Stainless Steel or Tile Insert
  1. Pre sloped built- in
  1. Waterproof membrane bonded on the tray
  1. Easy installation, No need for mortar
  1. Height Adjustable drain