Ella Standard 32-Inch x 60-Inch x 77-Inch 3-Piece Shower Stall in White



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Model # 6032 SH IS 3P 4.0 R Store SKU # 1000790780

Left side drain, right side seat Ella Standard, (3-Piece) 60 in. x 32 in. low 4 inch step in threshold shower is manufactured using premium marine grade gel coat fibreglass which creates a smooth, beautiful, long lasting surface with anti-slip textured shower base floor. The durable shower walls are reinforced with threated solid wood panelling covered with spray on fibreglass resin providing flexibility for the grab bar installation at needed height for any size bather and drywall free installation directly to the studs. The integral self-locking aluminum Pin and Slot System allows the shower walls and the pre-levelled shower base to be conveniently installed from the front. Premium quality materials, no need for a drywall or extra studs for fixture support and ease of installation make Ella Low Threshold Showers the best option in industry for bathtub replacement or shower modification needs. Made in U.S.A. For more info call 800-480-6850

  1. Textured slip resistant grip sure floor, classic 6 in. tile pattern design with a diamond accent
  1. Spacious 21 in. high moulded in seat, moulded shelves and 4 inch low threshold
  1. Solid wood panelling reinforced walls, no drywall needed, attach accessories at your needed height
  1. Shower door friendly opening, wood reinforced core walls and high density base
  1. Self-supporting pre-levelled base-no mud set required
  1. Left hand side drain position, and 2 in. chrome shower floor drain with friction seal included